Solipskier is the only game that allows you to draw your own circuit instead of skiing on one which is already built. This is not a simple game with a level editor function; editing the game is the actual challenge.

Solipskier is all about making the right slopes for your skier. You just have to click and hold the left mouse button and start drawing. The skier will simply glide across the terrain, but you will soon figure out how to create jumps and how to help him gain more speed. If you let go of the left mouse button, a gap will be created. As long as the skier can jump over it, this shouldn't be a problem, but if the skier falls, you will have to restart with 0 points. The skier will start his descent as soon as you click the left mouse button, so you have to be fast and keep creating the right slope for him. The best way of obtaining a high score in Solipskier is by creating tricks when the skier performs jumps. This will happen automatically if you stop drawing the slopes while the skier is in the air. You will need to react rapidly if you want to play this game.

Solipskier is not all about playing around with the shape of the slope. You will also have to avoid areas in which slopes can't be created and you will have to deal with a few other obstacles that might appear in your way.